February 19, 2017

London Elopement | Jana & Victor

Elopement Wedding
taylor bartram 18:47 February 19, 2017 Reply
these are so breathtaking and moving. im thoroughly in love
    admin 22:41 February 19, 2017 Reply
    Thanks buddy, that means a lot to us!
Elke 21:39 February 19, 2017 Reply
Love love love. That was beautiful. Just lovely.
    admin 22:40 February 19, 2017 Reply
    Many thanks Elke!!! :)
Lillian 21:40 February 19, 2017 Reply
wow, iĀ“m actually speechless. the storytelling, the emotions, the consistency and the art.. truly love it.
    admin 22:40 February 19, 2017 Reply
    Thank you so, so much Lillian!
Jamie 21:57 February 19, 2017 Reply
THIS SET IS AMAZING? Did you free lense any of these? Such a gorgeous couple!!
    admin 22:39 February 19, 2017 Reply
    Thank you so much Jamie! šŸ˜Š Yes we freelensed some of the shots - the effect it creates is just amazing. With the 50 and 85 you can create some real magic! If you need any help let us know. :)
Marcela 07:32 February 21, 2017 Reply
HOLY SMOKES. Everything about this is just amazing. They're stunning and the shots you captured are pure magic!
    admin 22:02 February 23, 2017 Reply
    Wohoo!!! Thank you so much for your kind words Marcela - you rock!!!
Igor Demba 21:45 February 23, 2017 Reply
So glad to have found you guys! This elopement is certainly special, nailed it guys!
    admin 22:01 February 23, 2017 Reply
    Thanks so much buddy! Glad to have you on board!!

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