April 13, 2017

Venice Elopement | Jelena & Adrian

Elopement Wedding

// Venice Elopement  //

For us it was always a dream to shoot an Elopement in Venice. Gina had been studying in this beautiful and unique city for half a year in the past, given it a very special place in our hearts. Jelena and Adrian have been married at the registery office in Cologne last december but wanted to escape the big city for a little love story. Just the two of them in maybe the most beautiful city there is. Venice made an incredible backdrop for even more incredible human beeings. Adrian, a super talended videographer and Jelena, having a long history in dancing and choreography strolled through the empty streats of Venice and we spent two unforgettable days together.

And now we will cut the chatter and are proud to present you the full story of Jelena and Adrian’s Venice Elopement.

fiona 13:04 July 10, 2017 Reply
pure art. Magic!
    admin 14:03 July 10, 2017 Reply
    Thank you so much Fiona!

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