So, let’s talk about budget. Not our favourite topic, but an important one nonetheless.

First of all, please know that we completely understand.

You want your day to be beautiful. You want all your loved ones there and know they are well taken care of. You want to look your best. You want beautiful details to catch your guests’ eyes.

There is so much to think of when planning your wedding. And it’s completely up to you what to prioritize. Really. This is nothing more than a gentle reminder that you should be willing to invest in your photographs not despite all the other costs and efforts that go into planning your wedding day, but because of it.

Because it’s not just stuff you invest in, but moments and memories and stories. Not just a fancy venue with a view of the lake, but the perfect backdrop to spend an unforgettable day alongside loved ones. Not merely a pretty dress, but the thought of the look in his eyes when he first sees you walking towards him in it.

You want the highlights, the tangible, the emotions, the hugs, tears and laughter, all mixed into one epic day. Your day. Made up of your mom’s tears, the pride in your dad’s eyes, your siblings’ excitement, your friends dancing and hugging and celebrating with you. This is about how the sun felt on your face when you first stepped outside in your wedding dress.

Can you feel it?

“All of these moments combined they make up a story. It’s the story that with time will be woven into the backbone of your family’s legacy. The one you will tell to your grand children while flipping the pages of your worn out wedding album.”

Eventually these precious memories will be all that is left of your wedding day. And the photographs, of course, that help you piece the details back together after decades have passed. They are the one thing that gets more valuable with every year that passes, with every adventure you two take on, throughout the shifts and changes, through family life and with every new generation growing up.   

And that is why you want someone by your side that day who doesn’t take this responsibility lightly. Someone whose work took your breath away the first time you saw his images, feeling that tingling in your chest that is a pretty good hint that, yes, you have found your photographer. Not just a person with a camera, but someone with a shared vision with whom you click on a personal level and whom you can completely trust with your precious memories. So just ask yourself the question:

What are you really investing in on your wedding day?

You decide.