We are convinced that looking at your wedding photos should feel a little like wrapping yourself in a warm blanket while the rain is tapping on your window. Or that part of your favourite song that always gives you goose bumps. We do believe in getting outside, that rough wind is the best accessory for every portrait shoot and will always go the extra mile for a great photo opportunity. But most importantly we believe in you, your love and that we can create something epic together.

Really, it’s easy. You show up that day with your excitement, your nervous smile, your adoration for each other – and we take care of the rest. While there are certain times of the day where we will be a little more present, we will mostly just be there with you and capture your day as it unfolds in front of our lens. The hugs, the tears, the laughter. The big emotions and the tangible moments. Telling the story of your wedding day in a way that is as unique as your love.

Every part of the process is very personal to us – from our first contact to being there with you on the day itself all the way to delivering your images. That’s why our approach is super informal and the connection between us is key. When we join you as friends more than merely vendors, you feel confident and comfortable in front of our camera and that translates to truly amazing images.

That’s our promise to you.