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        There is at least one moment at every wedding when we feel tears welling up from gratitude and happiness for the beautiful people that invite us into their day and trust us with their memories. That moment you see them let go of expectations and planning and just be there, in the moment, enjoying themselves - it kills us every time. However, if you asked us when exactly we had this moment at Marta & Enu’s wedding, we wouldn’t know where to begin.

        It happened when Marta put on her dress for the first time, tears in her eyes upon realizing that she, in fact, was about to marry her favorite human getting ready a couple of rooms down the hall. Or during the speeches, when 60 people sat together under fairy lights  and laughed and cried and shared insiders and anecdotes and compliments. It was also when, late at night, Marta’s mom put on Hildegard Knef’s „Für mich soll’s rote Rosen regnen“ (a German classic) and they danced and hugged all through the song.

        That first time we talked to Marta and Enu via Skype, the sky outside their New York City apartment was blue and clear and their wedding plans looked completely different. But if this job has taught us one thing it is that things always come differently but always exactly as they’re meant to. And so it came about that a couple of months later we packed our bags and headed to Italy, for a wedding weekend of superlatives. In retrospect, there’s no way this wedding could have been any more beautiful or fun. The rehearsal dinner Marta and Enu had invited us to already promised an equally emotional wedding day. Heart warming speeches, the best local wine and a view to die for set the perfect setting for some of the funnest and most emotional scenes we’ve gotten to capture all year.

        Marta and Enu, thank you for your trust, your warm hearts and to your families and friends who welcomed us into their middle and allowed us to capture a day that will forever have a special place in our hearts.