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        We’re often asked what kind of weddings we most enjoy to photograph or in what places, but the truth is, while we obviously love travel and seeing new and exciting places, our one priority are the people in front of our camera. When we feel this connection and are welcomed warmly at a new place and into a new circle, that’s when we have the most fun and that’s when we also feel we are able to create our best work.

        In the case of Mariya and Freddy we got super lucky – not only are these two incredibly sweet human beings, but the location of their wedding was equally amazing. As soon as we drove through the gate and up the road leading to the Château de Clermont-Savès, we knew this was going to be an amazing weekend. Mariya had told us beforehand that the theme they had planned for was Art Nouveau, and they did an incredible job at effortlessly weaving elements of that into their day.

        The morning already started with a bunch of excited ladies all chattering and running around, styling their hair into finger waves and looking for accessories, while Mariya, the epitome of calmness, sat amongst them, gazed out the window into the vast landscape of the French countryside, while getting her make up done. The rest of the day was equally relaxed and fun, the fusion of French and Russian culture made for the perfect mix of amazing food and a great party afterwards.

        Mariya & Freddy, we wish you and your family all the best and hope we get to meet again soon, in any part of the world.