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        When the blue hour ceremony ended and the fireworks exploded in the sky, Adrian’s arm shot up, much like a declaration of war and enthusiasm at the same time as if saying „We’ve made it this far. Come at us life - we know we’ve got this.“ Shortly after their friends stormed up to hug and congratulate the newly weds. From here on out, there was only one thing left to do: To celebrate a day of event chasing event lying behind them.

        When two creative humans are getting married, it is more than likely that they have an equally creative bunch of friends who will combine all their talent to make their day memorable. Jelena & Adrian, whom you may recognize from our little Venice adventure earlier this year, were no exception. What started with an empty industrial hall in the heart of Cologne turned, after tons of brainstorming, flea market strolls and a combined effort of all wild individuals involved, into a unique setting for a wedding day that is incredibly hard to put into one category. A little boho, a little urban and a whole lot of references to their favorite movie „La La Land“ (changed up to „Ja Ja Land“, made up of their combined initials) – memorably honored with a singing performance of „City of Stars“ before they danced their first dance to a medley of the movie soundtrack.

        If you are ever looking to fuse your personality into the events of your wedding day, take an example from these two. The beer was provided by Adrian’s very own brewery Schädelbräu, the first dance choreographed by Jelena (who is a dancer) and the ceremony held by a close friend of the two.

        Jelena and Adrian, you’re such an amazing duo (with some sick dance moves, may we add!) and it’s been an honor to capture this day for you and all your favorite humans.